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Forced Cooled Roof Mounted DBR Assembly with Short Hood ( WDM3D/WDG3AAlco Type Locomotive DU100102004 )




The system is 6x361 kW Forced Cooled Dynamic Brake System and consists of Six Nos. of Grid Resistors mounted on the Short Hood structure and a complete Blower Motor Assembly.

Advantages of this system is: -

Better Insulation Resistance (IR) value due to better insulating material used i.e. Thermoset Moulding material in comparison to old DBR in which Asbestos cement board is used as an insulating

Low temperature rise of 300 – 375°C resulting in longer life of DBR.

Better Cooling due to smooth intake of Air.


Technical Details

Power Dissipation

2168 kW

Grid Current

850 Amps

Motor HP

36 HP

Cooling System

Forced Cooled


DR Part No.

Dynamic Brake Assembly


Dynamic Brake Fan Assembly


Dynamic Brake Motor


Grid Box






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