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54" Radiator Cooling Fan

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54" Dynamic Brake Cooling Fan

48" Dynamic Brake Cooling Fan

52" Dynamic Brake Cooling Fan

Transformer And Converter Oil Cooling Unit

54" Radiator Cooling Fan ( For WDG-4 / WDP-4 Diesel Electric Locomotive DR120005001 )


In the existing 4000/4500 HP EMD Locomotives manufactured by Indian Railways, water act as a coolant. The water temperature is controlled by means of radiator banks and AC motor driven cooling fans.

Radiator Cooling Fan motors used on existing 4000/4500 HP EMD Locomotives manufactured by Indian Railways, are of inverted squirrel cage, dual speed, single winding, 3-phase induction machines and are an integral part of the cooling fan assembly. The term "inverted" indicates that these differ from the conventional squirrel cage motor in the way that the rotor is located outside of the stator.

All the aluminum castings meet the quality requirements as per ASTME -155 level 1. All the machines are tested a per IEEE 112A/ IEC 60349 Pt-II, IS:4722-2001 and IS:4029-1967.



Design Operating Points

Minimum Air Flow
(full speed) at an air density of

77,500 CFM

Static Pressure

3.0 in-WG

Fan Speed (rpm)
(2% Slip Permissible)

260 -1905 Syn. Speed

Technical Details



75 / 10 HP


26.7 to 127


44 to 212 V

Current 8P, 127 Hz

180 - 191 A

Current 16P, 127 Hz

56.5 - 66.5 A

Speed 8P, 127 Hz

1885 rpm

Speed 16P, 127 Hz

947 rpm



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