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Roof Mounted AC Package Unit (LHB)

Roof Mounted AC Package Unit (Conventional)

Air Conditioner With Built-in Inverter For Driver Cab (Diesel Electric Locomotive)

Roof Mounted Air Conditioner For Driver Cab (Electric Locomotive)

Roof Mounted Air Conditioner ( For Locomotive Driver Cabin of Electric Locomotive DR210001001 & DR210002001 )


Roof Mounted AC Package maintains the temperature and humidity to the comfort level inside the air conditioned cabins of Electric Locomotives. This design of air conditioners have various advantages over others:


  • These are very maintenance and installation friendly to save time.


  • Structure is made of Stainless Steel 304 Grade, which protects it against odd whether conditiones.


  • Scroll compressor is used for prolong life of air conditioner.

  • Electronic Thermostat is used for precise temperature control.

  • Control panel is mounted inside the cab.

  • Condenser and blower motors are IP 56 protected.

  • Heat Exchangers are made of corrosion resitance treated aluminium.

  • Trough is provided for easy installation and protecting cab against water leakages.



Technical Details

Cooling Capacity

6100 kilo Calories per hour

Heating Capacity

2 kW

Power Source

415 V AC - 3 Phase - 50 Hz

Control Circuit

110 V AC - 1 Phase - 50 Hz

Air Flow Rate

1200 CMH


R - 22


Hermetically Sealed Scroll

Dimension (mm)

L - 1146, W - 1000, H - 430 (with mounting brackets)


110 kg (approx.)


304 Stainless Steel Construction




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