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18 kW Auxiliary Generator

18 kW DC Auxiliary Generator

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7.5 HP Dustbin Blower Motor

Eddy Current Cutch

3 Phase Induction Motor For Vertical Type DBR (MVRF)

3 Phase Induction Motors for Roof Mounted AC Package Units

18 kW DC Auxiliary Generator ( DR130063012 replaceable with Part No. 4A8102 )


Auxiliary Generator is a very vital part for EMD** Locomotives. It is driven by main engine shaft through gear train. Its main function is to develop 74 VDC at all speed of engines required for battery charging which is used further for cranking the locomotives.

This machine is a DC Generator. The generated voltage of the generator is connected to the battery terminals.

The nominal output is 18kW at 80 VAC.


Technical Details




80 VDC


850 - 2733 rpm




H Class


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