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Eddy Current Clutch ( DR130016007 )


A radiator fan is used on diesel electric locomotives to bring down the temperature of the diesel engine cooling water. Drive between the engine and radiator fan consists of an Eddy Current Clutch type DR54/01AZ which controls the fan speed and gear box with gear ratio 1:1.312, which provides mechanical coupling between clutch and fan.

The Eddy Current Clutch is provided with an outer rotor which is coupled to diesel engine and an inner rotor which is coupled to the horizontal shaft of the gear box. The non-coupled ends of both the rotors are supported on two taper roller bearings and lubrication to the gears and bearings is provided form the oil filled in the gear box. The inside surface of the outer rotor is brazed with a copper liner. On the inner rotor, the exciting coil is interposed between two slottes discs. The exciting coil is connected to the slip ring assembly which is also mounted on the inner rotor shaft. When the exciting coil is excited the iteraction of the main magnetic flux and the flux produced due to eddy currents induced in the copper liner prodcues the driving torque. The current to the coil is supplied by means of four radial brushes mounted on the two slip rings.


Technical Details

Continuous Rating

60 kW


1050 rpm

Gear Ratio



H Class


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