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Forced Cooled Roof Mounted DBR (Electric Locomotive)

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Forced Cooled Roof Mounted DBR ( For WAG7 Electric Locomotives DU110118001)


It has two units i.e. two Mounting Frames. Each frame consists of Resistor Unit for (3RF i.e. for three Traction Motors) and one Blower Motor Assembly. Advantages of this system are:

Low temperature rise i.e. 300°C to 400°C.

Better insulating material used i.e. Thermoset Moulding Compound which possess good IR and results in better life of DBR.

Gives smooth intake of air for cooling of grids and through hot air from the top.

Easy maintenance as the grid is fitted on the top/roof of the Locomotive.

Free space available as the DBR is fitted on the roof of the locomotive which will be helpful for providing toilet for drivers or for providing any other important equipments.



Technical Details

Continuous Braking current

900 Amps

Power Dissipation

2430 kW

Average Operating Temperature


Motor Blower Speed

1650 rpm

Blower Motor

D.C. series


DR Part No.

Dynamic Brake Assembly


Dynamic Brake Fan Assembly


Dynamic Brake Motor


Grid Box


Grid Box


Grid Box





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