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Radial Grid Dynamic Brake Assembly

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Force Cooled Roof Mounted DBR Assembly With Short Hood

Forced Cooled Roof Mounted DBR (Electric Locomotive)

Vertical Type DBR

Natural Cooled Roof Mounted DBR

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Resistor Over Voltage Protector (MUB)

Pre-Charge Resistor

Inverter Protection Resistor (IPR)

Crowbar Resistor

Oil Cooled Resistor

Pre-charge Resistor ( For WAP-7 / WAG-9 3 Phase Locomotive DU120108003 replaceable with ABB*** Part No. 3EHN424095P1250 )


It is part of the Power circuit of the Traction Convertor.

During powering up of the convertor, charging contactor is closed, so that the convertor DC link is pre-charged through the charging resistor and the diodes in the Valve Set.



Technical Details of DU120108003

Peak Surge Current

50 A


1517 VAC rms

Grid Resistance @ 20oC

50 Ω ± 10%

Power Rating

150 kWs



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