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Resistor Harmonic Filter ( DU120106001 (for WAG-9) & DU120115004 (for WAP-5) Electric Locomotive)


Line Harmonic Filter is connected with Primary winding of main transformer which consist of resistors and capacitors.

The Harmonic Filter reduces the high frequency harmonics to avoid disturbance in signaling. If the harmonic filter gets by-passed by the system, the speed of the locomotive will be automatically restricted upto max. 40 kmph.

The complete Resistor Assembly is mounted on the roof of the Locomotive. This Resistor is naturally cooled by air circulation.

The formation of Resistor Element is of special design i.e. Corrugation type with a certain pretension, is wound in the form of meanders around ceramic Insulator which are fixed with transverse rods on to the frame. The elasticity due to corrugation of the resistor tape ensures good stability of its shape, even at high temperature.



Technical Details of DU120106001

Resistance Value

0.194 Ohms


2800 VAC RMS


550 Amps


60 kW

Technical Details of DU120115004

Resistance Value

0.388 Ohms


2800 VAC RMS


450 Amps


40 kW



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