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Natural Cooled Roof Mounted DBR ( For WAP-4 Electric Locomotive DU120119007)


The Roof Mounted Naturally Cooled DBR fitted on the roof of the Loco of WAP-4 type Electric Locomotive in required to control a train of 1432 tonnes (24 Coach WAP hauled trains) on a continuous down gradient of 1 in 200 at a speed of 40 kmph and also to reduce the speed from its normal running speed 110/110 kmph to 40 kmph.

The main benefit of this system is limination of MVRF that is used for cooling of DBR for WAG- 7 Locomotive. It has reliability issues and always leads to failure of MVRF on account of water ingression and low IR plus other problems that subsequently fails the DBR.

To overcome this problem, Naturally Cooled DBR is the best solution.

Roof Mounted DBR construction saves space inside the locomotive, very useful on high speed locomotives, long life and maintenance free.



Technical Details

Power Dissipation

2168 kW

Braking Current

850 Amps





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